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Irresistible Mini Frittata Cups


Enough with the rules. Enough with order. Enough with predictability. Sometimes, you have to shout out to the world, “I’m gonna put sour cream in my chocolate cake! I’m gonna put fennel in my ice cream! And I’m gonna make some damn mini frittatas in a damn mini muffin tin and they’re gonna be cute and delicious as hell, world!”

Don’t you feel better?

If the name didn’t give it away, these frittata cups are irresistible. I popped one in my mouth … then three more … then I shoved one in Adam’s mouth while he was in the shower. I brought them to school to share with my friends, but then I ate them all. The real secret here is that the mushrooms soak up a lot of the lemon and develop a really sweet and subtly tart, fresh flavor. They are the perfect size to toss into the ol’ hole like popcorn – or you can take bites to “enjoy it longer,” as Adam said last night.

These would be a fantastic appetizer for a dinner party, go wonderful for brunch, or serve as a quick on-the-go breakfast; just pop a few in a ziplock and head out! Although I’m keen on this recipe, use this as a foundation for other wild and crazy combinations.

Make these now, and let me know how much you loved them. And if you don’t have a mini muffin tin, a normal, boring muffin tin will work just fine.


Makes 24 mini frittata cups

What You Need

1 tblsp olive oil

10 crimini mushrooms; sliced

1 onion; chopped

4 tblsp fresh parsley; chopped

3 tblsp sun-dried tomatoes; chopped

2 garlic cloves; minced

juice from 1 meyer lemon (when in doubt, use more lemon)

2 handfulls of spinach

4 eggs

salt & pepper to taste (when in doubt, use more salt)

How To Do It

Preheat oven to 375 F. Saute the mushrooms and onion in the oil, over medium heat. When they’ve begun to soften, add the garlic and continue sauteeing for another few minutes. Add the sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and – once the whole dish has been cooking for about 10 minutes – add the lemon juice. Season with salt & pepper. Taste and adjust if need be. Taste again because you know you’re dying to. Turn off the heat, add the spinach and mix it all around till it wilts.

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and add a few shakes of salt & pepper. Add the sauteed mixture to the eggs. Spoon the mixture into the cups of a mini muffin tin. Fill all the way. Cook for 20 minutes. These are best warm but still delicious cold. Enjoy!