Although this blog was born in an extremely tiny kitchen in Jerusalem, I now keep up with it from a slightly larger kitchen in San Francisco. Whoever you are, in whatever size kitchen, wherever in the world, let’s connect.

Twitter:         @JerusalemWEST

Instagram:   @myjerusalemkitchen

Email:            lauren@myjerusalemkitchen.com

Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/myjerusalemkitchen (currently in progress)


3 thoughts on “Follow MJK

  1. Susan Percal says:

    Can you put me on a subscription list? I would love to get updates on your blog, but will forget to look it up if I don’t. I found you through a recent post from Beth Sholom, I guess you’re a member there too. Love that you created a Mizrahi cooking event for the schul!

  2. recipes are located where?

    1. Hi Edwina! At the top of the homepage, you’ll see a link called “Recipes.” Thanks!

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