I know what you’re thinking: Um, Lauren, this post is about a month overdue. It’s not warm where I live anymore.

Well, allow me gloat for just a moment. Because the weather is pri-taaay, pri-taaaay nice in San Francisco these days. Now, whether or not you can get the wording right the first time, we have all heard Mark Twain’s famous saying that, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Though Monday-Friday most of my life is spent inside of over-air conditioned rooms, the weekends are always a much-welcomed reminder that it is, in fact, summer in these parts. So you can imagine my surprise to have spent a Sunday afternoon, in October, in San Francisco in shorts and a tank top. And maybe your surprise is just coming from the fact that I was wearing shorts (yes, most people should really just not wear them). Well, after you eat this ice cream, you will definitely not want to be seen in shorts… No, just kidding.

So, this is my long-winded intro to: it’s warm in San Francisco, and I want to eat ice cream!

Sadly, my brother, sister, fiance and step-dad all hate rose water. Pooey for them because I like to cook with it and it’s in a lot of my recipes. So much to their dissatisfaction, the rose water & saffron ice cream was a serious downer. BUT, my loving and adoring grandparents devoured it and my dad and step-mom thought it sounded fantastic (and would have LOVED it had they tasted it).

The rose water gives the ice cream just a slight floral taste sweetened by the saffron. It has a beautiful bold color and the flavors to match, so if you don’t cringe at the thought of rose water, you should try it out. Even more so if you can find somewhere affordable to buy the saffron. My grandma hooked me up.

Use this recipe except replace fennel seeds with about 1/2 tsp of saffron and 2 tblsp rosewater. Add both at the stage when you would add the fennel. And skip the chocolate step. Enjoy!

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