Hi friends! I am having a major computer issue – and it’s the last week of finals – so as soon as this is settled, I will post something new. Please keep stopping by and checking in or subscribing to my blog (on the right hand side) so that you can stay in the loop every time I do post. Thanks for your patience!

One thought on “Computer Malfunction! ajfsofiashfsaf!!!

  1. Marianne Gabelman says:

    I really enjoyed reading your recent posts. The cheesecake looks amazing but we’re repenting from our latest bout of food debauchery, so even though It’s lower in calories, your cheesy delight might have to wait until the tonnage lessons. However, I will make the lemony kale pesto flatbread this weekend- can’t help myself. It looks way too good to resist. A person can only be so strong. Keep ’em coming! Marianne

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