What are you thankful for? That you can make it to all of your kids’ sports games? That you have a job? That you have good health? I have a lot to be thankful for this week.

Our vet found a rare tick hidden on this little guy’s body that paralyzed and nearly killed him. But once removed, he was back to his happy, dancing self!


I accidentally left a spoon in the blender the other day, and when I turned the blender on, the glass broke and a huge shard flung into the kitchen wall. Happy it didn’t fling the other direction into my stomach.

Happy to be typing this post with two hands. I accidentally turned the electrical hand mixer on as I was trying to put one of the whisks into the socket. It turned on with my hand stuck between the two wands. It hurt, but all’s intact.

Happy birthday to MyJerusalemKitchen! 100 posts and two years later, my little blog is growing up. And happy birthday to Adam, the love of my life!


And most importantly of all, that this woman is my mom and has taught me everything I know about being an ambitious and compassionate woman. We shared this eggplant dish for a light mother’s day lunch. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!



I got to spend the last week with some family. Some I hadn’t seen in years and others have grown inches in a matter of moments it seems. My mom and I spent a lot of time together doing fun stuff but also just sitting in the car, giggling, running errands, and driving back home to get things we forgot. We tried to “make plans,” but we mostly just wasted time together like school girls. My mom, probably like many of you, or at least like many of your moms, does it all. She buys hundreds of crickets for the lizards my sister catches in the backyard and she stays up late into the night, talking with us, if we are worried about our lives. She finds lessons in a bad turn of events. She encourages us to follow our hearts but tells us that it’s hard to make a dollar. She worries that we’ll stand too close to the subway platform or lean against the wrong window, that we’ll walk anywhere at night, or too close to a pool without a cover. Please don’t get tattoos, don’t wear high heels, and don’t let manicurists cut your cuticles.

Mom, and moms of the world, you teach us how to exist. Your constant worrying keeps us safe and makes us a little crazy. You soften us but you don’t let us think the real world is easy. This Sunday, you deserve a break. You spent hours in excruciating pain to bring us into this world, and every subsequent hour has been spent wondering where we are, what are friends are like, and who we will become. This Mother’s Day, breathe out a little. We love you.


Serves 2 for a light lunch

What You Need

1 eggplant; burnt on a burner

1/2 c tehina/tahini

salt to taste

lemon for drizzling

1 handful of pomegranate seeds to garnish; for how to de-seed one easily, look here

1 tblsp of parsley for garnish (mint would have been good, too)

How To Do It:

You’re going to burn the eggplant on top of a burner on your stove. Put some foil on your burner, leaving an opening around the burner, so you don’t have too much to clean up after. Over high heat, burn the eggplant, turning every 3 minutes (with tongs!) or so until the eggplant is completely black. Set aside to cool. Once the eggplant isn’t too hot to the touch, peel the black burnt skin off. Do not wash the eggplant because you want to retain that roasted/smoky flavor. Make four cuts into the eggplant, vertically, leaving the “head” of the eggplan intact (don’t cut all the way up to the top so that if you want to divide it with another person, each if you has two slices that are intact). Fan the pieces out on a place. Drizzle tehina across the eggplant, squeeze the juice from half a lemon all over, salt to taste, and garnish with pomegranate seeds and parsley. Enjoy with someone you love!


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